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Against the Wind
Clay sculptures do not offer the same freedom of form possible when creating a bronze. When you are working with the wax, you can use props, and the bronze will carry the figure when it's cast. In clay, there are physical restrictions. The pieces need support within the design. To begin this piece, the man's support originally was to be a rock; then I realized its shape was taking on that of a woman. Woman is a true support to man, as a man for woman. It happened so easily as the stone morphed into a female shape. In talking about this odd situation to a friend who is knowledgeable about legends, I learned there is a myth which says man was made from stone and when he hardens his heart too much, back to stone he goes...

In this sculpture, is the woman real or merely the woman the man wishes was there to help him stand "against the wind." ---26" x 15"